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A Letter to my Younger Self

Fight back. The only thing he has over you is four years and a little more muscle development. You can fight back. Tickle him until he cries, constantly tell him he’s too short or too weak to do things, because he’ll keep tormenting you until he moves halfway across the world. But then once he... Continue Reading →

Short Story

She stood in the garden her mother had planted two months before her death. The small pink flowers reminding her of her mother’s constantly blushed cheeks. She remembers watching from the kitchen window as her mother would check on her precious flowers. She wanted to be sad. She wanted to mourn her mother. But she... Continue Reading →

Aarti ~ Haridwar India

Walking through the crowded Haridwar market, dodging the motorcycles and bicycles going too fast for the small pathways, I noticed a perfect chaos. It seemed dysfunctional and disorganized, but somehow, it worked. The motorcycles honking their horns at first was just loud and annoying, but I soon appreciated the startling noise as warnings to get... Continue Reading →

A Letter to the Ocean

You are beautiful. You are strong and powerful and smell of salt. I could watch you all day, your magnificent blue body going up, down, and then crashing on the yellow sand that I’m sitting on. You are mesmerizing. Your constant yet irregular motions keep my eyes fixed on you. I stand up and go... Continue Reading →

Side Streets of India

My favorite part of my recent trip to India was peering down the side streets as we went past. Each street had different people with different stories. I found myself lying awake each night of the trip looking through photos I had taken down side streets that day, looking at each individual person in the... Continue Reading →

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